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The online social world where you are in control of your own data. Share what you want with whom you want.

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Our software is completely free, so grab the code and host it wherever you want!

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Meet people from all over the world who love the Internet and want to see it free as much as you do.

Chat using your Poddery account

Poddery supports chatting among your contacts in Diaspora and anybody with an account on a service supporting XMPP. You need to enable chat on your Poddery account to make use of it. See this tutorial for help. There are various chat clients available for your PC, tablet or phone. Some of them are listed below.



All Desktops\Laptops

Jitsi Pidgin. Thunderbird Gajim


Empathy. Kopete





Save Poddery

Save Poddery Campaign

Poddery.com, one of the earliest diaspora social networking host was scheduled to close on June 30th, 2013. So, a community of diaspora users and contributors gathered together and started the Save Poddery Campaign. We started fund raising at indiegogo.com, and acquired 967 in the period June 09, 2013 - July 23, 2013.

Save Poddery Campaign Technical and Expense Details


We are thankful to all who have helped us to keep diaspora* running in poddery.com. See the full list of contributors.

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